Painting Kuching in Watercolour

Kpg. Goebilt

Posted on: 31/12/2009

During the National Day holiday, I came across this fishing boat, freshly painted, flags flying, shining in the late afternoon sun at Kampong Goebilt. Not a soul in sight, has everyone gone to the parade?

14 x 20, Cotmans Watercolour cold pressed paper 140 lbs and W& N and Holbein watercolours. The water and the jungle were built up with many layers of New Gamboge, Phthalo Blue, Hookers green, Dioxazine violet, Vermilion and Sepia. I used a natural sponge to dab on the leaves.


3 Responses to "Kpg. Goebilt"

I love this picture! It gives a rural feeling which suggests a simple life. So peaceful and quiet. The colourful details on the fishing boat gives contrast to the old village on the background. Looking forward to seeing more of your work!

You are winning more and more fans. Feng Hutchins, originally from Sibu, now living in Honolulu with her American family, is charmed by your work. She tried posting a comment, which did not work, but will try again.

Aloha Elsie,

I post a comment yesterday but somehow it didn’t show up. I just want to let you know I am now your fan! I love this painting of Kampung Goebilt because of the rural feeling and simple life. So peaceful and quiet. The colourful details of the fishing boat
gives great contrast to the old village in the background.

Keep up the good work!

Feng Feng

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