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I am still working slo-ooowly on the coelogyne asperata and getting bored with those plain pigments on my palette – brown, yellow, green. I need some COLOUR! Here’s another canna with unusual vibrant orange brown blooms and purple leaves.

Done on coldpressed 140lb Fabriano paper with a limited palette of Holbein, Winsor & Newton colours starting with a wash of bright New Gamboge and successive glazes of Cherry Red and Orange. The shadows were done with Phthalo Blue and the purple of the stems and buds were mixed from all the colours mentioned.

Here is a painting I have been working on for some weeks. This is a portrait of the coelogyne asperata orchid in my garden.

Of course by this time the flowers have faded away and I am reduced to working from photographs. Which is just as well, because the flowers give off a strong, nose tickling unpleasant scent.

I am using Holbein watercolours and my favourite Fabriano 140lbs cold pressed paper. At this stage I still have plenty to do – I need to describe in fine detail the forms of the flowers and the ribs on those huge green leaves – I hope I won’t be careless and do a irrecoverable mistake.


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