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The red hippeastrum lily has burst into bloom! This is the smaller variety with the pointy petals.

I painted this on Fabriano 140 lbs hot pressed paper, so I had to use the “wet and wash” technique, that is, wet the area to be painted with plain water and dab the colour on. I started with a glaze of Holbein’s Gamboge Nova, followed by Sap Green and Oxide of Chromium on the leaves and stems, and Cherry Red on the petals. The dark shadows were done with a light wash of Diozaxine Purple. The medium shadows were in Alizarin Crimson and I was very proud of my steady brushwork on the fine thin veins on the petals. BUT THEY BARELY SHOW UP on the scan! It’s that difficult colour RED again!

Fabriano Artistico Bright White 140lbs paper, 9” x 12” with Holbein paints.


Dragon Fruit

Posted on: 19/07/2010

Here in Kuching everybody seems to have a dragon fruit cactus in the backyard. This is a portrait of the one in ours. It’s the smaller but sweeter variety with the scary looking magenta coloured flesh.

I painted the flower first, even then I had to resort to photographs as the light and the flower faded very fast. The red fruit was in and out of the fridge as I worked on the details. Then it disappeared from the fridge.

The culprit – a hungry brother. If the painting of the fruit looks kind of unfinished, you know why!

Painted with Holbein colours on Fabriano Artistico Extra White 140lbs paper
14” x 20”


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