Painting Kuching in Watercolour

More Smelly Orchids – Aerides Odorata

Posted on: 11/10/2010

As the name tells you, this is one odoriferous orchid. What a pong. I don’t understand why some books describe it as “fragrant”. It is fragrant only to pollinating insects!

This orchid which has been growing in my garden for many years. It has grown into a large clump now and there are five or six flower spikes each flowering season. The smell is very strong in the early morning, and by noon it’s mellowed down to just a thick cloying jasmine.

As the weather in Kuching had been very wet, I had a hard time with my 140 lbs coldpressed Fabriano Artistico paper – it seemed to have absorbed a lot of moisture. It felt like I was painting on blotting paper or doing Chinese brush painting on rice paper. So I had to be careful not to make any irrecoverable mistakes.

For my last purchase of Holbein paints, I got a 5ml tube free gift of the most famous Holbein colour of all, Opera, a bright shocking pink. I glazed a wash of Opera over all the purple marks. It works! No wonder it’s a bestseller!


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Cousin Elsie always leaves me gasping with wonder!

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