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A joyful Christmas and happy New Year to all my Christian friends and relatives.

Here is a detail of a rough study for a potential landscape – view of the Diocesan Building from Wayang Street. It was usual monsoon weather, drizzling and boring grey skies. So I decided to paint in some clouds with silver lining. I think I painted the cross too large but then hey, it’s Christmas.


This cattleya hybrid in my friend’s garden just screams out to be painted! Look at the fantastic twisted petals and little ruffles.

And I had the perfect colours in my paintbox – Holbein’s Opera and Rose Violet! I also used mixtures of Permanent Violet, Gamboge Nova and Peacock Blue for the leaves and shadows. It’s no wonder Opera is such a popular colour. It’s mixes well, flows smoothly and very forgiving because it’s easy to lift off mistakes. I am framing this watercolour and putting in a well lighted spot to see how fast it fades. I read that Opera is fugitive colour but how fugitive is that?

Dear Readers,

Do help support the SSPCA and go to their Christmas Bazaar on 11 December, open 1.00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. at the MBKS Dewan Masyarakat.

This is another of our dogs, Kiki who lived with us for 16 long years.

She was a very attractive dog with red brown coat and white socks. So one day she was dognapped! Helpful neighbors helped us search the surrounding areas. Then a few days later when we were all in mourning mode over her disappearance, our neighbor called us out excitedly and there at the gate was Kiki, thinner and with a wire rope around her neck! What a lucky escape, but after this traumatic experience, Kiki would set up a terrific barking whenever she caught sight of a white van. She also kept close to the house and never would go anywhere without one of us. When out for walks, her fun thing to do was to splash in puddles!

She grew very old and used to lay for long hours on her blanket at the front door. Twenty – thirty minutes before our arrival home, she would already know and be waiting eagerly.(See picture!) As soon as the car stops in front of the gate she would be joyously skipping about and barking and yowling her welcome, her tail wagging furiously.

RIP Kiki – we miss your daily welcome party.


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