Painting Kuching in Watercolour

My Brushes

Posted on: 16/05/2011

I use the French brand Raphael. 20 years ago, a friend went to Paris and bought me as a present a No.3 Red Kolinsky sable round which I am still using today, even though the wooden handle has a crack in it now. Subsequently I have bought myself a few more in various sizes and they have never disappoint. Well, I don’t expect them to, they cost me practically an arm and a leg even in those days when the ringgit meant something and the euro did not exist.

Kolinsky red sable brushes hold a lot of paint and come to a very fine point with just a small flick of the wrist. All the fine details you see here were done with this brush.
(See 3rd brush from top).

Not all my brushes are sable – here are some of my other brushes. The red handle one 2nd from right is a cheap hog hair brush I find very useful for lifting colour. Can’t do without it! I think it cost me like RM2.00 or RM3.00 only!

These days when I think about buying a new sable brush, just looking at the prices makes my eyes water.


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