Painting Kuching in Watercolour

African Violets

Posted on: 11/07/2011

A quick study of my sister-in-law’s blue African violets. Her few pots are the remnants of my once extensive collection that had every hue of the purple colour spectrum, from white to burgundy, as well as being striped, speckled and frilled. My old house has an airwell providing a cool airy environment perfect for the plants. Then as we Kuchingites remember well, for quite a number of years, came thick choking smoke haze for weeks at a time and African violets are sensitive plants. Seeing the state of my plants I wonder about the state of my and the rest of the Sarawak population’s lungs.

The final straw came when the salt water got into the Kuching water supply. Remember guys?! How we were caught unawares and were drinking and spitting out salty tea and coffee. Many tealadies in Kuching offices were vehemently proclaiming their innocence that day. Having carefully refilled the trays of water and pebbles that the pots stood on before I left for work, I came home to see my violets on the way to becoming “kiam chai”.

My sister-in-law managed to rescue a few pots and here they are today, the fittest survivors but the plainest of the lot, ordinary run of the mill violet blue and pink.


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