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I got fed up battling with soggy paper and mouldy paints during this incredibly wet rainy season and so until the weather and my papers dry up a bit, I am busy working with cotton thread as media instead – the fine old art of tatting!

Here’s my work in progress based on a flower motif pattern I found in an old thread brochure (1960s?) The little leaf “La feuille frivole” is a design by J. Paulson who is a fellow member of the Intatters forum group.

I am thinking that the two motifs would make a nice design as soon as I work out how to join them together!


Dog Rescue

Posted on: 02/02/2012

I have been busy, not painting but rescuing an abused dog – here she is, looking much healthier and fatter after a month with me. We call her Binkie – she had been kept locked up in a rubbish bin chute for some months with hardly any food or water. I had to teach her to drink from a proper water bowl – she kept licking rain water dripping down the wall, plant leaves and puddles on the floor.

Thank God for the concerned people who saw the cruelty and bust her out of “prison”! And many thanks to the SSPCA vet who provided treatment free of charge!

The SSPCA animal shelter is bursting at the seams with abandoned dogs and cats – a very sad reflection on the wealthier section of Kuching society.


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