Painting Kuching in Watercolour

Back online!

Posted on: 08/03/2013

Some time ago, I managed to get hold of this mangosteen fruit complete with stem and leaves and was happy to be able to paint it from life. However I couldn’t get the leaf colour right and then I was interrupted mid-painting and couldn’t get back to work on the problem further. I put the picture in a cardboard box to keep off the dust until I could find time to work on it.

 Well, today finally, aside from many other stuff, I got my computer repaired, all applications installed and working and here is my painting half eaten by some insect pest!  They are everywhere, not only on my orchids! 

 This insect had redone my brushwork by eating most of the green paint off the leaves and stem, and even did some realistic insect damage tracks on the fruit itself. 

 I can’t find whatever it is anywhere, could it be dead after ingesting Holbein’s Marine Blue, Viridian and Aerolin? Or did Dioxaxine Purple did it in? The name sounds poisonous enough!Image



1 Response to "Back online!"

The pests seemed to have an artistic bent too :-)) See how nicely & “naturally” the paint has been eaten away so as to leave vein-marks/shadows on the left leaf. And the fruit seems to have dropped off the tree & fallen on the part where the insect has corroded it.
So, if you hadn’t mentioned, it could’ve passed off easily as a Deliberate artistic eye to detail 🙂
But I do feel for you – all the effort ! I’ve faced similar corrosion too, & I think it has something to do with the thickness of paint application. The thinner applications do not get eaten away.
Love the painting !!!

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