Painting Kuching in Watercolour

Doing 3-D

Posted on: 29/05/2013

I have been planning this new sunbird and pigeon orchid painting.  I am still on the pencil draft stage, trying to work out the placement of the white pigeon orchids so I can get some depth to the painting. I am also still undecided on the background.


As I meditate on this 2-D problem, my hands are busy on working on something 3-D!


The pansy from a vintage tatting pattern book.  I had to crack my brains a bit trying to make sense of the vintage instructions.  Looks good, doesn’t it?  Using size 20 cotton thread, it’s about 7 centimetres across.

We don’t have pansies here in tropical Malaysia, but I am thinking if I tweak the colours it would look like some exotic orchid! I am tatting 3 pieces to sew on my cotton hat.

Pam Palmer’s Festival Elephant

Time to pay homage to tatting teacher and designer Pam Palmer!  I am so pleased to be able to tat up her design masterpiece, the Festival Elephant, in full colour glory.  Now that Lizbeth brand threads are available in so many colours, tatters should tat more Festival Elephants!


I was aiming for a fabulous Southern India colour scheme here.  I have appliquéd it onto a piece of red silk and intend to make this into a wall hanging by sewing the silk onto the centre of a dark blue 4 foot cotton dhurrie table runner, if I can find one!  Otherwise it’s going on a cushion. Wish me luck!


1 Response to "Doing 3-D"

I can’t stop gazing incredulously at the tatted elephant ! How much time, effort & patience has gone into making it look so colorful & festive 🙂 And the thread-ends that must’ve needed to be hidden, phew !
You have done full justice to the South Indian theme – it almost feels like the elephant is in the temple procession 🙂

Love the pansy, too .

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