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Posted on: 28/09/2017

Oreo is the cute/ugly black dog I rescued early this year (before the rabies outbreak!).  She literally tottering on her last legs, ribs sticking out, covered with festering wounds big and small. The weather was pretty bad with heavy downpours. She would just sit shivering in the pouring rain if there were no parked cars around to shelter under. It took me a week of leaving out food and water before I gained her trust and she mustered up courage to shelter in my car porch. Here she is now, sores healed, spayed, vaccinated and plays everyday happily with all my other rescued dogs!

I was cleaning out my paintbox and found barely used tubes of Winsor & Newton Lamp Black and Paynes Grey, purchased years ago! Have you seen the prices of paints lately? Shocking. I decided to use up some paints on a picture of Oreo. I used Holbein’s Titanium White to pick out the highlights of her eyes. 

She is ugly but such a sweet gentle dog , just look at her eyes!



Posted on: 04/09/2017

I was painting this rambler rose from my garden. I had flower cuttings in a plastic vase in front of me. By the time I got to painting the leaves, the flowers were withered and in removing the vase my fingers slipped and water sloshed right on the middle of the painting! Disaster! The white flowers weren’t too badly affected but the colours of the leaves ran and the paper buckled! I had not previously stretched the paper (Fabriano 140 lb Artistico Extra White) because I didn’t expect to do juicy watery washes for this picture.

I tried salvaging by covering the runs with titanium white and recolouring the leaves but everything got too dark! And that buckled paper? How ah??

Back to the drawing board … luckily that rambler rose still has some flowering branches!


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