Painting Kuching in Watercolour




Please enjoy your stroll through my art gallery.  I hope this is where you can find some quiet moments to look more closely at ordinary things.  Let the world hurry by. 


Take your leave with your soul fed and refreshed.


And thank you for visiting.


13 Responses to "About"

Hi Elsie,
So nice to hear your comments. I’ve not checked my mail for a while and when I do today I read of your request to link to my blog.Well the pleasure is mine.I’ve no objection at all. I love your water colour paintings and being self-taught, is a great achievement indeed. Keep up with the good work. Keep in touch.
I would at the same time like to make a link to your blog. Please say yes.
Bye for now,

Hi Mahmud, thanks for your kind remarks – I’ve also replied you via your email.

Hi Elsie,
I have just stumbled onto your website. Love your paintings. I wonder if we are related on my mum’s side. Would you mind emailing me, and I can explain.

Hi Elsie,

I love your paintings. They are gorgeous. Any chance they are for sale?
Please email.

Warm Regards,


Thanks for visiting, Jay. Sorry, none are for sale – I am still learning and don’t think my paintings are in the saleable standard yet – at least, MY saleable standard, LOL!

Hi Elsie,
Just stumbled onto your blog. Your paintings are just amazing! I am currently taking the Distance Learning Course on botanical painting by SBA who also published the Botanical Palette book you referred to in one of your entries. I’m benefiting so much from this course. If you are interested to know more, drop me a line !

Best wishes! I am sure you will do well. The SBA course is very high quality and so, very very Expensive! I envy you can afford it!

Thanks! This is something I had been wanting to do for years. So I prioritized it over other things. But when you can pay over a course of 2 years it’s not so bad. All the best!

Dear E. Lim
The Universidad Autonoma Chapingo, institution of public education of Mexico, will publish the book The pitahayas in the visual arts, the history and the literature. The book includes 200 works of 120 visual artists of the whole world.
We have interest to include her work “Dragonfruit”. But we need your authorization.
As soon as the book is published we will send a copy to the address you specify.
I am sending you a link to an earlier book:

Oh wow, how interesting – unfortunately I couldnt access the referred page. Will try again and reply by email, thanks!

Hi Elsie,

Just noticed your wonderful painting on your blog. I just started a FB group to connect botanical & natural history illustrators of Malaysia & Singapore. We would be honoured if you could join and share some of your paintings there. This is our link

Hi Elsie! I read that you used Holbein watercolours. Where in Kuching did you buy Holbein?

Hi Milla, thanks for dropping by!
I don’t buy Holbein or any artist grade materials in Kuching. Not available! I stock up when I go over to KL (Nanyang Art at Petaling St.) or I order online from Dick Blick. Recently I saw Holbein small 5ml tubes are available from Malaysian online store Stickeriffic but I haven’t shopped there yet. Charges look reasonable though!

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